Toy and Sweet Vending machines

Profitable Toy and Sweet Vending machines

A great addition to any business, vending machines from Rockvend can significantly increase your revenue.
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Gumball machines, Pringle vending machines and more

Whether you run a pub, arcade or retail outlet, you'd be surprised just how much extra money a vending machine can draw into your business. A sure hit with any child, our vending machines are attractive, eye-catching and offer you fantastic margins with minimal effort. At Rockvend in Salisbury, we distribute new and reconditioned vending machines throughout the UK and Ireland.

Visit our online store for:

  • Toy vending machines
  • Pringle vending machines
  • Sweet vending machines
  • Gumball machines
  • Animal, bird and fish feed vending machines
  • Fuzzybrush dispensers
  • And more

Looking to sell your old vending machine?

If you are intending to replace an existing vending machine, then we may be interested in buying this from you.

Please send us clear pictures of the vending machine along with a description and we will come back to you with a price.
For high quality sweet and toy vending machines, shop online with Rockvend, based in Salisbury.
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